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Pre-production is one of the key moments of a project. This is where the imagination, ideas and concept are developed from mind to paper. This is a very important time for the project to be a success. A lack of pre production can cost time and money.

Over the years we have been producing our projects we have gain a wealth of experience and found out first hand how important it is to have a fully developed idea before the 1st days shooting.

There are many aspects to pre production such as location scouting, casting, production design but I am going to focus on storyboarding.

Storyboards are basically a comic book form of the script. They enable the director, cameraman and editor to visualise the script before shooting. This prevents missing key shots on set and a smooth workflow once in post production. A storyboard can also help on complex shoots on how to design a shooting schedule and save time in the long run.

We recently completed a video where the storyboard was invaluable on set. There are many things we can control when we are making a film but the weather unfortunately is a step too far. It snowed heavily on the first days shooting which cost us time and made the shoot more difficult but having a storyboard with us on set meant we were able to maximise our time as we knew the shots we had to get. Of course the beauty of filmmaking is the spontaneous nature of the medium, capturing those moments you do not plan but initially there must be a developed pre production to have a successful shoot.

You will see from our screenshots and original storyboard how useful it was to pre-visualise the film.

A comparison between the original storyboard and the final film.

A comparison between the original storyboard and the final film.

Joseph Wright